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Marina was born on May 25, 2007 Zodiac sign Gemini. Currently Marina is 10 years old. Involved in exceptional dedication to figure skating.

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Fifth season Marina is administered as a professional figure skater. In season 2013/2014 was awarded with bronze medal in Class VII, in the second round of the state championship in figure skating. In season 2014/2015 she is an absolute national champion in figure skating with three gold medals at state championships.  Besides skating, Marina from 5 years is practicing ballet, dance and karate.

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Marina has won three silver medals in two consecutive years (2013 and 2014) in the national tournament Shotokan Karate “Svetlina”.

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Marina  is a student in 125 school “Prof.. Boyan Penev” in the Sofia.


The school is one of the most popular and reputable in the capital. 125 school is a school  which stimulate the talents of each child. Besides numerous awards from national and international competitions in mathematics, 125 children in the school are excellent athletes! Windows with diplomas, medals and cups are proof of the excellent management and quality of education.



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Marina, part of the Fellows of Educational Center ADVANCE

Education Center ADVANCE provide scholarships to students with outstanding achievements and advances in science, art, performing arts, literature, music, dance and sports. This year Marina is one of nine children awarded for successes and achievements with a yearly scholarship to study at a language center ADVANCE!

ADVANCE – THANK YOU! It is our honor and pleasure to be part of the lucky and talented children in ADVANCE!advance

End of season 2014/2015

Marina finished the season as absolute national champion in category “Girls – Class VII” and third score points in the overall standings of the European Tournament “27th European Criterium”. Marina competed in the category CHICKS I. GIRLS born (1.7.2006 – 30.6.2007), as this season has 73 girls category. And here gained medals:

3 gold medals (State Championships – Sofia);

1 silver (8th Skate Helena Beograd);

1 bronze (3rd Denkova-Staviski Cup – Sofia);


8 th place (CELJE – SKATE CELJE 2014);

12 place (CANAZEI – 27a Coppa Europa – Trofeo UISP);

We look forward for the next  season!

Third round of National Championship: GOLD !!!! Marina Bravo!

Marina is an absolute national champion with three first places in the Bulgarian championships for season 2014/2015 in the category “Class VII – girls” Marina Bravo!

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Marina fight again for gold at II-nd round of the Bulgarian National Championship!

Marina fight again for the first place in the second national championship in figure skating! Despite the difficulties in implementing the new, complicated program, Marina manage to show true fighting spirit and desire to win!


Again wonderful performance of Marina in Belgrade! Silver Medal at 8th EUROPA CUP SKATE HELENA

Marina won the “silver skate”! SKATE HELENA CUP is a round the chain of five European tournaments (Slovenia, Serbia, Chehiya, Hungary, Italy). Skate Helena is held in Belgrade for the eighth consecutive year. This is one of the strongest tournaments of the circuit. This year was attended by over 95 children.

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New success for Marina Nikolova

Marina took the gold medal in the first round of the National Figure Skating Championships in Bulgaria. Marina compete in Class VII. The program of this season’s music is Razvigor Popov and Mimi Ivanova – “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats.” Thanks to the dedicated work of the coaching team.

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Marina Nikolova records wonderful presentation of an international tournament Cup Denkova-Staviski Sofia 2014

Great presentation of Marina Nikolova international tournament Cup Denkova-Staviski 2014.

m8 Marina-DS-Cup-2014-1 S8304302  The tournament was attended by over 200 athletes from 17 countries. 70 children competed in groups at the little girls and boys. Marina is ranked third in the group Chicks Girls.

Radionova2 Elena Radionova-!

To see Elena Radonova live is unmatched, but to stand beside her on the ice,  is something that you have left for life. The thought that one day could again see her, skating with her, that cause you to go ahead. Exploring every her  program, every jump, pirouette, every gesture! It’s nice when you know what you want or where to get there!

Elena Radionova- ….;)


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AD-MS    Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky

Albena Denkova and Maxim Stavisky are the most successful Bulgarian figure skaters in the history of winter sports in Bulgaria. And as often happens in life, they want to learn the big ones, so it is a great honor and happiness to be part of the team and “ice dancing Denkova-Staviski.” This year Albena and Maxim again proved to be one of the best skaters in the world. Made memorable participation in the Russian TV show format “Ice Age.” One of their programs once again inspired many young skaters in front of screens. The program is extremely strong and powerful.

????????????????????  Ice Age  – Denkova-Staviski  “Девойко мари хубава”

Training sessions are an integral part of the way. It may ask, “Well,  how do these workouts are?”. Trainings are every day a minimum of four hours, and there are days, with 6-7 hours in the halls.

Every day at least two hours of ice for one hour before and after warm-up and off ice.

3 times a week  ballet or dancing, and three times a week for two hours gymnastics. Entertainment in parks and gardens look like this 😉

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In the hall for gymnastics;)


the best is on the ice :)

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