Marina was born on May 25, 2007 Zodiac sign Gemini. Currently Marina is 10 years old. Involved in exceptional dedication to figure skating.

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Fifth season Marina is administered as a professional figure skater. In season 2013/2014 was awarded with bronze medal in Class VII, in the second round of the state championship in figure skating. In season 2014/2015 she is an absolute national champion in figure skating with three gold medals at state championships.  Besides skating, Marina from 5 years is practicing ballet, dance and karate.

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Marina has won three silver medals in two consecutive years (2013 and 2014) in the national tournament Shotokan Karate “Svetlina”.

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Marina  is a student in 125 school “Prof.. Boyan Penev” in the Sofia.


The school is one of the most popular and reputable in the capital. 125 school is a school  which stimulate the talents of each child. Besides numerous awards from national and international competitions in mathematics, 125 children in the school are excellent athletes! Windows with diplomas, medals and cups are proof of the excellent management and quality of education.



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